Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Short Story- Reaper Harvester

 Seconds Away from a Gory Death I lost my grasp of the branch I was holding onto and was about to fall onto the wild beasts below, when my belt got snagged onto a jutting branch at the side of me, which dug into my ribs. I secured my hold onto the tree.
 As I turned around, I could see Rogetho came towards me, with an evil grin brandishing a long sharp dagger. I noticed that there was a vine on the branch, as he came towards me. I whipped the long thick vine with a fast movement, which caused Rogetho to trip and slip off the branch.
He lunged towards me and grabbed my arms to stop him from falling. I took out my knife and stabbed his hand with it, which caused him to lose his grip, as he screamed in fear for the fate of a gory death which was a few seconds away from him.

The Mantle of The Reaper I will now throw off my Mantle of Reaper and take on the mantle of Preserver, if I am to save my family. I will not allow the Reapers to destroy Earth. The reign of the Reapers will end when the scavenger plants of Boratu destroy their planet Guzon. No Reaper can survive without a home.

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